Smart Home products are becoming more common especially in western markets. More and more developers are coming up with new product and technologies which resulted in creating a vast number of platforms that are not compatible with each other. This is continuously causing confusion among potential clients, whether end-users or businesses.

Which product do I choose? How many products do I need? Which technology is the best? Can I have all of them work together? These are big questions that have not been answered yet!

DCRIB Solution Architecture

Include various existing Smart Home technologies worldwide into a single ecosystem using our own software platform. Put together customized solutions through software development and hardware alteration.

We are working on small, affordable single-board computers in hardware and IoT development environments as the base for our platform. Our solution allows to customize and bind different products from different vendors in one place.

DCRIB /CC (Control Center)

DCRIB /CC is a software layer that provides the following:

• The infrastructure that hosts several platforms in a single ecosystem.

• Monitoring and control from and to the various devices the computer is in communication. It is also customized based on the customer’s needs.

• Stores and aggregates data generated by the user and end devices.

• Presents the whole system (Smart Home) in a user friendly, customizable graphical user interface.

• Communicates with the user’s Smart device (Android and iOS).

Finished Concept

Smart Phone App

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